Merritt Parkway Fun Facts

Did you know the following facts about scenic Merritt Parkway of Connecticut?


  • The Merritt Parkway was criticized by Gilmore Clark, the designer of the Hutchinson River Parkway in York, who said that the Merritt was, “extravagant in construction” yet “antique in design”.  Sounds to me like someone was a bit jealous.

  • Each bridge of the Merritt Parkway was designed with unique architectural style.  Several design patterns are repeated such as the state seal, grape vines, and even spider webs.

  • In the early 1900’s, the Merritt Parkway was designed to alleviate congestion from Route 1 aka Boston Post Road, which was originally a footpath created by Native Americans.  Prior to being called Merritt Parkway, the road was called Parallel Post Road during the design phase.

  • The Merritt Parkway was designed to be in harmony with the natural environment, traversing the landscape rather than aggressively plowing through the contours of the state.

  • A 150’ Right of Way was set aside the southern stretch of the parkway for a future highway with similar design.