Construction & Demo Debris Handling and Recovery in NY State Just Got More Complicated!

Regarding Revised DEC 6NYCRR PART 360:

In addition to stricter permitting and registration requirements, new limitations on storage and analysis of materials, record keeping and reporting have been published in Subpart 361-5 as they apply to CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION (C&D) DEBRIS HANDLING AND RECOVERY FACILITIES in New York State.  These revisions go into effect November 2917, and will greatly effect the operations of facilities across the State. One such revision includes the requirement for an enclosed building for receiving, processing, and sorting mixed C&D debris.

Specifics on the rule are difficult to digest but can be found on the DEC website:

Alternatively, if you are a facility which my be effected, we encourage you to call our colleagues in NY, Walden Environmental Engineering for a comprehensive consultation.

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